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Inner Child Healing Session 

2-Hours of deep transformation  

What is Inner Child Healing?

No matter how big or small, almost all of us experienced some kind of trauma as children. 
These traumas could vary from having your favorite stuffed toy thrown in the trash, to being abandoned by your best childhood friend, to being physically or emotionally abused by your parents.Inner child work is a vital component of inner work because it reconnects us with a wounded element of ourselves: the child within. 
You will discover the root cause of some of your fears, insecurities and limiting beliefs, as well as your childhood needs that were never met. In our adult life we tend to subconsciously attract situations that mirror our traumas or unmet needs as children, in the hope that this time around we will manage to get closure. This normally happens on a subconscious level and translates into sabotaging life patterns and limiting beliefs. 

Look at the areas where you feel stuck and where patterns keep repeating themselves...they will point you towards what needs to be healed. Through this process we will be able to identify and heal them together. 
Process & Benefits

Here is an overview of what to expect during this 2 hour session:

Phase 1 (30 min):
This process begins with socratic questioning and coaching so we can identify recurring patterns and key limiting beliefs holding you back.

Phase 2 (1 hour):
Next, I will guide you via active meditation and visualisation so you can reconnect with your inner child. During this part of the process, you will have the opportunity to reconnect with the child within, ask questions and gain some significant insights into what is holding you back, what needs were left unmet and heal this part of your being. 

Phase 3 (30 minutes):
Finally, during the last part of the session we will create a mini action plan that will assist your healing process further and allowing you to reprogram limiting beliefs that no longer serve you and to embody your learnings in your daily life. 

You’ will be surprised by what you will discover through inner child work. It is a deep and transformative process,that facilitates awareness and healing even after just 1 session. 

Some of the benefits include: 

  • Identify and release limiting beliefs 
  • Identify and heal core wounds
  • Feel lighter, empowered and free
  • Overcome fears, insecurities and blame
  • Let go of self-sabotaging patterns 

Cassandra has a way to inspire you to move beyond ingrained limiting beliefs

  • Cassandra has a way to inspire you and be honest to yourself so you dare to move beyond ingrained limiting beliefs and social conditioning. I’ve now taken concrete steps towards a more fulfilling life and feel more resilient when doubts about my choices crop up in my head or from others.
    Thomas from Sweden

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