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Can you relate? 

Let's see if we are a good match! 

Do you...

Struggle to set healthy boundaries and speak up for yourself?

Feel alone, like an outsider that doesn’t belong?  

Often attract situations and people who criticize, disrespect you and make you feel small?

Lack energy and often feel drained or depleted?  

Get heavily triggered when someone gives you negative feedback or criticizes you in any way? 

Often engage in negative self-talk and see yourself as your harshest critic? 

Avoid pursuing your goals because you are consumed by fear of the unknown? 

I once did as well, but after years of deep personal work I realised that this was due to the fact that I was not aligned with my heart and my authentic self. During this path of self discovery and along with my academic studies, I discovered effective tools to heal core wounds, reprogram beliefs and step into my full power. Let me help you shed everything that is holding you back, so you can show up, fully present, courageous, joyful and free.  

Cassandra has a way to inspire you to move beyond ingrained limiting beliefs...

  • Cassandra has a way to inspire you and be honest to yourself so you dare to move beyond ingrained limiting beliefs and social conditioning. I’ve now taken concrete steps towards a more fulfilling life and feel more resilient when doubts about my choices crop up in my head or from others.
    Thomas from Sweden
I will help you to...

⁃ Quieten the mind and connect with the heart so that you can live a life free from fear, anxiety and stress

⁃ Set healthy boundaries and speak up for yourself without fearing conflict or rejection 

⁃ Cultivate a deep sense of belonging, worthiness and self-acceptance

⁃ Identify what you really want in life & what truly makes you happy, so you can live a life of authenticity, meaning and joy

- Let go of limiting beliefs that are holding you back from reaching your full potential 

⁃ Overcome fear of rejection, abandonment and failure so that you can courageously live your best life

My Approach

When working with my clients I address Mind, Body and Spirit using a combination of the following methodologies:

Positive Psychology

Positive psychology is a scientific approach to studying human thoughts, feelings, and behavior with a focus on strengths instead of weakness, building the good in life instead of repairing the bad. As a field, positive psychology focuses on topics like character strengths, optimism, life satisfaction, happiness, well-being, gratitude,  self-compassion self-esteem and self-confidence, hope, and elevation.

These topics are integrated in my coaching approach using evidence based interventions in order to help you  flourish and live you best life. 

Energy Psychology

Energy psychology (EP) is a collection of mind-body approaches for understanding and improving human functioning. EP focuses on the relationship between thoughts, emotions, sensations, and behaviors, and known bioenergy systems (such as meridians and the biofield). In my coaching approach I often integrate EFT (otherwise known as tapping), to release trapped energy in the body that has accumulated from challenging situations and reprogram beliefs that have occured from these. 

Mindset Coaching

Mindset coaching is dedicated to rewiring an individual's mindset, allowing them to be the very best version of themselves and to unlock their full potential. Our thoughts create our reality and are at the forefront of how we respond to life, our stress levels, our perception of what's possible and can either limit us to enable us to flourish. The choice is ours. 


Mindfulness is the practice of maintaining a nonjudgmental state of heightened or complete awareness of one’s thoughts, emotions, or experiences on a moment-to-moment basis. This awareness lays the foundation for deep transformation to occur, as only what we are aware of; can we change. 

Through various evidence-based exercises I help my clients cultivate a mindful approach to life so they are in the driver's seat of how they respond to various situations and they have the clarity to shift their focus away from things that do not serve them. 

I have also created my own meditation program and as part of a research project I found that it has a direct positive impact on fear of the unknown, authenticity and hope.  I give complimentary access to this program to all my clients. 

I felt a huge weight lift off my shoulders...

  • Through our sessions Cassandra helped me do exactly that, “Redefine Happiness”. After as little as 2 sessions I felt a huge weight lift off my shoulders, as my fears and doubts were no longer seen as unacceptable feelings with mystery causes. Together, we pinpointed my strengths and weaknesses and worked on building on both, in the all-encompassing sphere of self-love and acceptance. Her support was and continues to be an indispensable ally in my life. I wholeheartedly recommend her to all.
    Andria from Athens

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